Luna Dentistry

Increase in Organic Traffic

Luna Dentistry, located in Toronto, is a prominent dental practice specializing in cosmetic dentistry.


Low Website User Experience Rate
High Competition Rate


We enhanced the website’s technical performance and implemented an on-page SEO initiative to improve user experience and conversion rates, further strengthened by a custom SEO content marketing strategy incorporating lead magnet tactics.

  1. Search Engine Optimization
    In the initial phase of Luna Dentistry, our primary focus was on enhancing technical aspects and on-page elements. We successfully improved site visibility and the call-to-action response rate by optimizing the website’s structure, internal linking, page experience, and schema. We also conducted extensive keyword research and implemented a content marketing campaign, enabling Luna Dentistry to rank highly in their targeted keywords related to cosmetic dentistry. This approach attracted high-quality traffic and leads. Additionally, by employing local SEO strategies, we were able to generate valuable local leads for them.

    Luna Dentistry - Case Study

    1. 450% increase in Organic Traffic
    2. 256 Leads generate
    3. 4.5% conversion rate

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Final Note

We assisted Luna Dentistry in establishing a strong digital presence in the Toronto local market, enabling them to attract high-quality leads.

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