Maison Quartzforms

Costume engaging Website

Maison Quartzforms is a well-respected provider and manufacturer of various quartz, porcelain, and natural stone installations located in Dorval, Quebec.


Large quantity of products


We have designed a streamlined and intuitive website tailored to their target audience and competitors. Our goal was to showcase all of their unique selling points by creating a user-friendly, responsive, and captivating online platform.


Website Design and Development

We’ve tailored a website for Maison Quartzforms, featuring a minimalist design and bespoke functionalities designed to cater to their target audience’s requirements. The site boasts user-friendly navigation and is optimized for seamless performance across different operating systems and devices. Its clean and minimalist design aesthetic resonates especially well with designers and builders.


Minimal and Costume Design

We designed a minimalistic layout specifically tailored to suit the target audience and requirements of Maison Quartzforms. Drawing inspiration from the subtle shades and elegance of quartz, we crafted a theme that beautifully showcases the inherent beauty of this stone.

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Final Note

Through thorough target audience and market research, we developed a website with tailored design and captivating user flows to effectively showcase Maison Quartz Forms' extensive catalog of over 2000 products.

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