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Leads Generated

Onyxa Canada is an industry leader in porcelain slab and stoneware to bring stone beauty to life, with 500+ products of Natural Stone, Quartz, and Porcelain products.


New Product – no brand awareness

New Website – no traffic and leads

No Marketing Strategy


We created a minimal and user-friendly website, created multiple PPC and social media campaigns, and generated organic traffic by optimizing the website’s on-page, technical, and content campaigns.

1. Website Design and Development

We developed a website with a minimalist design and custom features specifically crafted to meet the needs and preferences of their target audience. The website is user-friendly and optimized for compatibility with various operating systems and devices. Its design aesthetic, characterized by simplicity and minimalism, particularly appeals to designers and builders.


2. Customer relationship management system development

We created a custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system specifically for Onyxa’s sales team to efficiently manage and organize their leads to enhance the sales rate.


3. PPC Campaigns Creation and Management

We implemented tailored Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies that significantly boosted lead generation and brand awareness. These strategies were devised following an in-depth analysis of their target audience, market trends, and competitor research. We meticulously developed the ad structure, copywriting strategy, and keyword framework. Additionally, we designed custom landing pages specifically for their advertising campaigns, which notably increased the conversion rate. We consistently monitored the performance of both ads and landing pages, continually optimizing them for new campaigns.


    • 12.4 million impressions
    • $2.5 million revenue
    • 5,924 conversions


4. Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO initiatives were instrumental in executing a multi-channel marketing strategy that elevated Onyxa’s brand recognition in the Canadian market. As part of our SEO campaign, we fine-tuned the website’s on-page and technical aspects to optimize it for converting traffic into leads.

We developed a bespoke content marketing plan tailored to Onyxa’s specific audience to attract traffic. This involved creating high-quality content and a lead magnet strategy to facilitate conversions. We reinforced this content strategy with robust backlinking and off-page tactics, including guest posting and backlink campaigns.

These comprehensive efforts culminated in achieving a prominent online presence for Onyxa, securing top rankings on Google for key search terms like ‘porcelain slabs’ in Canada.


    • 127% increase in Organic Traffic
    • 256 Leads generate
    • 4.5% conversion rate

Client Quote

“Exobit transformed our online presence, guiding us to success. Their responsiveness, professionalism, and invaluable support have made them an exceptional partner in our journey.”

Final Note

By honing in on the right audience and developing bespoke IT and digital marketing strategies, we not only helped Onyxa meet their initial digital goals but also reinforced our belief in assisting Canadian businesses to achieve their digital aspirations.

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